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Innotech offers residential and commercial network installation services for our clients who want to increase their existing WiFi network coverage or wired home network setup.

We can add more wireless access points indoors and out, upgrade the equipment provided by your internet service provider to an enterprise grade router. We can add switches and hardwired locations increasing internet connection for the growing number of internet enabled devices.

Does your home have a central wire location or Data / Internet ports that were never terminated or activated? We fix that also! Home Theater Boise is Idaho’s premiere Low Voltage Company. From improving your WiFi coverage to network cabling we handle it all. Give us a call.

More and more televisions,  streaming devices and surround sound receivers are increasing your access to online content.

Home theater installations can include additional features and applications such as Internet Radio, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon and more. Streaming audio and video content is growing in popularity at an exponential rate.

The reasons why are obvious. with the ability to watch your favorite TV shows and a huge variety of videos from many of the major networks and studios as well as content from services such as Hulu. Youtube, Netflix, Pandora and Amazon you have more choice than ever before.

These days, more people than ever before are connected to the digital backbone of society. Whether we’re Facebooking, posting pictures of family or using our home office to participate in a video conference our dependence on a secure network at home is of growing importance. Anyone who has experienced a loss of service or poor WiFi coverage knows how frustrating it can be to suddenly be without internet when you expect it to perform. We can improve your wireless internet connection and optimize your home network.

Home theater installations can include additional features and applications such as Internet Radio, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon and more. Streaming audio and video content is growing in popularity at an exponential rate.

A reliable data network is a must for communication between electronic devices in the home. Hard-wired or wireless access to the internet for streaming services and the assorted connected devices (see TV Mounting) is critical. From security cameras to home automation and entertainment, network infrastructure is the backbone of the modern connected home.

Choose Boise’s Best Smart Home Automation Installer to install and to connect all of your networking and WiFi needs.  Contact Us today!

Network Security Boise

With the huge amount of internet connected devices hackers are starting to take advantage of sloppy security measures on many “IOT” or internet of things devices. Because network security is so important, IIG has in place a company wide SOP for securing your connected devices.

Any device we install on your network will have the newest firmware and have all default user names and passwords changed. We spend a great deal of time insuring that we protect you as much as possible from internet based threats.

Most companies aren’t even aware of the Cyber Security threats we protect our clients against. We take your cyber security just as serious as we do your physical security.

With the emergence of IP and Ethernet devices into mainstream audio, video, security and automation technologies it is imperative that you hire a tech-savvy integrator who understands networking and its benefits to home entertainment systems. A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection you need.

Smart Home Automation in Boise

Remember your cell phone  20 years ago… You didn’t think you’d need it, but look how much you use it now!

Home and business automation adds quality and safety to your life. Hallway lights turning on when motion is detected, locking doors when the alarm is armed, or adjusting temperature remotely are just a few of the possibilities.

Many home automation companies price their services too high, but that is where our experience benefits our clients because we can achieve great results while staying inside your budget.

Boise’s Smart Home Choice

Innotech Integration Group is here to stay and we are the leading choice in Treasure Valley for everything related to Smart Technology and Networking – for both residential and commercial integration.

Here’s a small peek at what we do for our clients: Networking and WiFi, whole house or business audio and video, live or remote video camera or motion activated security and CCTV, flat TV mounting or installation, wiring or cabling repair or installation, home theater set-up and designing, Smart home automation – wiring – and universal remote set-up, and more.

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Some jobs are basic and we can quickly give you a fair quote over the phone – but large jobs require a lot of planning. If we need a better look at the full picture – we’ll schedule a time to walk-through it with you at your home or office.

Our estimates and consultations are free because we want you to be able to shop around if you need a second opinion. You’ll quickly see that we’re not only highly experienced and fair in our pricing – but that we really do care about our finished work and our working relationship with you before, during, and after the job is done.

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    We’ll wear protective shoe coverings, use drop cloths to protect the floors and furnishings in the immediate work area and vacuum anywhere installation activities occur.

  • How You’ll Know When We’re Done

    A sure sign that we’re done with your job is when you’re smiling from ear to ear as we explain how to work you new equipment.

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