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No two installations are ever the same in our business…

The above statement is so very true in what we do. We never really know what kind of an installation situation we’re walking into when we get to your home or business.

Many times, the customer will know what they want us to do but they have no idea how it can be done. Needless to say, we’ve had to be very creative in our work over the years to accomplish some of our custom installation jobs.

Whether it is the layout of your home, the layout of your office, the varying kind of equipment you might want to install, or any number of other variables to consider – we always find a way to make it work and that is truly one of the best things about what we do!

So, without further delay, read below and see some of the variations of installs we’ve successfully accomplished for our customers. You’ll quickly see how and why we are Boise’s best Smart Home, WiFi, and networking installation company.

We can handle any size of job – just give us a call and lets talk about what you need. We’ll find a way to get it done right – the first time.

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Carolyn M. / Home Networking and WiFi / Boise

After having internet installed by a local provider Carolyn and her husband had a couple of issues with the installation.

First the WiFI router used wasn’t powerful enough to reach the second floor. Secondly the previous company installed it in the kitchen leaving it sitting on the counter.

They worked from home and would frequently stream movies from several Apple TV’s located throughout the home. Obviously they needed to have a solid network both hard-wired and wireless. We relocated the internet Router into the homes structured wiring enclosure, added a 8 port network switch and 2 wireless access points, one on each floor.

In addition the Apple TV’s were hard wired back to the network switch to take full advantage of the hard-wired network and reduce buffering while downloading movies. The addition of the two wireless access points gave them full WiFi coverage over the entire home.

Mission Accomplished!

A local Boise property management company needed commercial network repair and upgrade.

A local property management company had been experiencing poor network performance and weren’t happy with the way their equipment rack and wiring had been left by several previous networking companies.

They were planning on re arranging the 8 cubicles in the main work area in the future and wanted to have the network updated with all locations labeled to make reconnecting computers and printers easier when they were finished.

We started with testing and labeling the cabling from the network punch down panel to each jack at the desks. During this process we found a few locations that were not properly terminated as well as a phone that had been inadvertently connected to the switch causing network instability.

Next we moved on to updating and completely cleaning up the network rack. We installed a new switch allowing them future upgrade connectivity and faster data handling. We properly secured cabling with Velcro straps and routing power separate from the data cables.

After all was finished the client was left with a fully functional and updated network infrastructure as well as printed labels on all wall jacks and patch panel ports to allow for simple confusion free connection of computers, printers and other network devices.

Customer Satisfied!

Joyce S. surround sound retrofit after remodel in Meridian.

Joyce and her husband had recently gone through a remodel of their kitchen and family room. Before the remodel they used the family room as a multi use entertainment area and had a surround sound system with in-wall wiring.

Somewhere along the way of the remodel this important feature of their family room had been overlooked and new wiring had not been run. Because the layout of the room was completely different than before the remodel the existing wire was of no use.

Their solution to the problem was to run speaker wire on the floor behind furniture and under throw rugs to the previously wall mounted speakers now sitting on the floor.

This “solution” obviously didn’t work for Joyce so she contacted us to see if we could solve her problem. In speaking with her over the phone I told her that it sounded like a fairly simple fix. We could run the wires either above or below, get them into the walls and rehang the speakers.

She informed me that the wall with the TV where the three front speakers would go had a fireplace with a custom built in cabinet on both sides and above the fireplace. In addition there was no attic above this room severely complicating things.

Having just gone through a remodel of this area there was no way I was going to tell her additional sheet rock damage and repair may be needed. We used every trick in the book to get this retrofit surround sound done. In the end we pulled it off..

Customer Satisfied!

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Smart Home Automation in Boise

Remember your cell phone  20 years ago… You didn’t think you’d need it, but look how much you use it now!

Home and business automation adds quality and safety to your life. Hallway lights turning on when motion is detected, locking doors when the alarm is armed, or adjusting temperature remotely are just a few of the possibilities.

Many home automation companies price their services too high, but that is where our experience benefits our clients because we can achieve great results while staying inside your budget.

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Innotech Integration Group is here to stay and we are the leading choice in Treasure Valley for everything related to Smart Technology and Networking for both residential and commercial integration.

Here’s a small peek at what we do for our clients: Networking and WiFi, whole house or business audio and video, live or remote video camera or motion activated security and CCTV, flat TV mounting or installation, wiring or cabling repair or installation, home theater set-up and designing, Smart home automation – wiring – and universal remote set-up, and more.

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