Installation Services

Here you can find all of the installation services we offer which includes home theater, audio video, video security, networking and WiFi, structured cabling, TV mounting, and smart home integration.

Smart Home Automation

Automation can be as simple as bringing control of multiple systems into one user interface, setting up routines such as lighting schedules or initiating sequences from events.

Home Theater

Not everyone wants to dedicate an entire room to a custom home theater. The family room is still where most families watch TV and movies together. We can provide a high quality movie experience.

Distributed Audio

Simply put, it’s speakers in two or more rooms that are supplied with sound from a central music source. They can be designed as: single source-single zone, single source-multiple zone or multiple source-multiple zone.

Structured Wiring

Our structured wiring installations are designed to bring together each subsystem into one fully integrated and robust network while also accommodating upgrades and allowing for future additions to your system.

Networking and Wifi

From simple network location wiring to large area outdoor WIFi installations, Innotech Integration is Boise Idaho’s premier home network and WiFi service provider.

Video Security

Increase your security and piece of mind with properly design and installed video security system. Remotely monitor activity and receive notifications when motion is detected certainly provides that wanted peace of mind.

TV Mounting Services

There are many factors that come into play when mounting a TV on a wall or ceiling. Mounting surface, structural support, power/cable needs and SAFETY all figure into a professional flat panel TV mount.